Radio Frequency (RF) Field Surveys

Radio Frequency (RF) Field Surveys

Radio Frequency (RF) electromagnetic field is omnipresent be it through your television, radio WIFI signals, with signal strength varying from virtually nonexistent, to very strong within close proximity to commercial transmitters. 

The Canadian Safety Code 6 stipulates that RF radiation surveys must be conducted on all installations capable of exposing personnel in excess of the safe limits. On new installations, the survey is to be carried out by a qualified person before the routine operation begins, and at two-year intervals thereafter, as well as after any malfunction or repair which might affect the radiation levels. 

Safety Code 6 also states that long term exposure to excessive levels of radiofrequency radiation may be harmful to human health. The amount of harm that radiofrequency signals can cause depends on several factors such as the distance from the source, its frequency, modulation and field strength.

 Additionally, certain equipment such as medical diagnostic instruments, are extremely sensitive to radiofrequency field. Overexposure may cause reduced performance, such as a decreased resolution on imaging equipment, or in severe cases permanent damage. Industry Canada states a limit of 1V/m for sensitive equipment exposure to radiofrequency field.

 The interference caused by external radio frequency field can not only compromise the data transmission on WIFI systems, but in severe cases a complete loss of data could occur. In a world of ever increasing wireless data collection use, transmission and processing in medical facilities, it is critical to keep the wireless systems working reliably, flawlessly, and at maximum speed. In the case on medial facilities, such as MRI suites, even lower limit might be required.

 C-INTECH begins any radio frequency (RF) mitigation project with a thorough RF field survey to identify all existing, as well as potential, radio frequency sources.  If RF interference is suspected, corrective measures need to be selected and implemented. The proper cost effective solution may be proper placement of the transmitters, frequency separation and RF shielding.

Working directly alongside the end user, C-INTECH’s engineers work to design the optimum mitigation solution for each case.